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Quality Leather

Together we can create a product that will fit your needs. Our team is ready to help you get the color, the thickness and the feel you are looking for. Here is a video of some finished leather we have produced for luxury brands around the world. Here are some close-ups (click for full size):



Are you interested in Crust? We would love to show you a selection of our crust. Keep in mind, we can make this in many different ways, to suit your personal needs. This follow pictures and video should give you an idea of what we are able to create at Rompa Leather. Watch this video […]


Handpicked Selection

Rompa Leather has some of the best Wet-Blue in the world. We have recently expanded and bought Hulshof Tanneries, it is now called Rompa Tanneries. With this amazing addition we now have the luxury to handpick the best hides and bring them to you quickly while being able to control the quality. Are you looking […]



You have come to the right place. Rompa Leather excels in beautifull, custom-made leather. We can create any type of leather you are interested in. Wet-Blue, Crust or Finished product, you name it we have it.


ROMPA Tanneries

Hulshof to continue as ROMPA Tanneries Veal producer PALI Group from ’s-Hertogenbosch and tannery Rompa Leather from Rijen, both in The Netherlands, will together re-start Hulshof Royal Dutch Tanneries in Lichtenvoorde which was declared bankrupt in November 2013. To this end, they have founded the joint venture ROMPA Tanneries.Vitelco, under management of the family Paridaans […]